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Voting: Politics is Ugly… and So Is Life

Voting in my hometown Chicago can be fascinating, infuriating, or both. I’ve seen it from more angles than most folks, having served as an election judge (many times), poll-watcher, and “get out the votes” activist (many, many times!). Voting is ugly. This is the truth of it. From the moment you register as a voter, you will discover this. Campaign […]

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A Conversation with Death

I’ve always hated you. I first learned about you in books, crying in quiet horror as your servants’ hands took Anne Frank away to meet you and end her beautiful words, or Kafka’s victim stood in the rock quarry looking up at a figure in a window as others’ hands plunged a blade into his chest. I saw you in […]

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The Tragedy of 9/11 and the Horror of Righteous Certainty

The below editorial was written in 2001, soon after the events of 9/11, and published in Cornerstone magazine. -=- “Do not bring your servant into judgment, for no one living is righteous before you.” (Psalm 143:2 NIV) Second tower is struck by hijacked plane, Sept 11, 2001   September 11, 2001, I saw the orange fireball of human righteousness. America—the […]

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Happy 60th Birthday, Ruby Bridges! A Civil Rights Child Hero remembers….

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WWJD – Who Would Jesus Deport?

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My Friend, My Lover: Sept 2 1989 Until Now Twenty-Five Years of Marriage to Carol Elaine

A video I made some years ago — perhaps my first video, in fact. I feel the same now as then, except moreso. For Dearling…

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Who am I, What is “Jon Trott’s Blue Christian,” and Why?

Jon Trott. I am an Anglo male afloat in the fog-covered ocean of middle age. I am a Jesus Freak. I am a skeptic. I am a writer — have won some awards and also have been called a “Satanist” or “Cult apologist” or “Socialist / Marxist” by those who didn’t like what I wrote. I am a communard (more […]

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SIGN UP! for *New* Wilson Abbey Newsletter!

Dear Friends, Jesus People is building an email list for their Wilson Abbey newsletter, most likely being sent out four times a year highlighting best events as well as providing exclusive content such as free eBooks, music downloads, interviews, and videos. Exclusive content means that the information or special offers will not be publicized on their website or social media […]

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Torture Behind Bars – The Prison Crisis in America (video w/ Alan Mills)

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“Love Yourself”: an Existential Meditation Inspired by Gabriel Marcel

“…to have a self, to be a self, is the greatest concession made to man, but at the same time it is eternity’s demand upon him.” – Soren Kierkegaard, The Sickness Unto Death This morning my dearling Carol read to me from a book by William Backus, Christian psychologist and faithful friend until his passing last year. The book’s title, […]

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